PlayStation 5 HDMI Port Replacement Service



Okay so you Broke your PS5 HDMI port !! We understand .. Not every stand or desk is capable of supporting this big beast of a system called the PlayStation 5.  And if the system drops while connected the HDMI port can break!!

We will replace the Broken HDMI with a brand new one and ship your system back to you. Now remember, Your system has to have a physically broken port for the HDMI port replacement to actually work. IF your PlayStation’s HDMI port doesn’t have any physical damage, and your system turns on.. Then it might not be the HDMI port.

If your system displays no video and turns on it could be something else. Now if your system doesn’t even turn on, an HDMI port replacement on the PlayStation system will basically do nothing. It is like changing tires on a car with no engine. It will still not run!


So make sure your HDMI has visible damage, like bent pins, golden wires coming out, or completely out of place and we will replace that with this service!


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