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Hello shoppers!

Welcome to Ship To Fix, the newest simplest, cheapest, quickest online repairs for all of your digital devices.  Just purchase the repair, package your system and ship it out our facilities. 

We will repair and ship right back to you! All orders come with a 3 months warranty!! that’s 90 days warranty on all repairs. You can also choose to pay for extra warranty time! 

Just 1 amazing service here in the USA! 

6 thoughts on “Hello shoppers!

  1. Are you guys still in business or is this a scam? Sorry but I’ve been duped before.

    1. Yes 🙂 Order now!

      1. Didn’t you specialize in ps3/ps4 before? You updated your website. But I don’t see many positive reviews. I believe the location and url was different, that’s why my login details remain the same and the messages are still available..

        1. We do specialize in all Gaming consoles 🙂 ! thanks!

  2. i am trying to use your site to purchase

    however i can’t get thru your shopping cart checkout process, it draws a panel over the order details page. can you please email me back if you guys are still in business?

    1. Yes as of 2022 we are still in business 🙂 sorry you are having issues with the website. Please Try again in a different browser maybe?

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